More duff data

Richard Ware


I see we're getting more rubbish being uploaded (see attachment)

Uploader PD9FJ, if you're reading this, please take a look at the attachment.
It looks as if you're scanning but you're not. Lyngby, Ostende and
Gris Nez are not on 8Mc/s. Your receiver is monitoring 2187.5
The receiver frequency and the frequency shown on YADD must be the same

Luckily, John has contingency plans to filter this stuff out and it
will be deleted in time
It shouldn't be necessary though if uploaders took just a few minutes
to check their uploading parameters.
Yes, we all make genuine mistakes but some just don't seem to know
what they're doing and these mistakes are happening with increasing
If in doubt, PLEASE ask before ticking the 'enable remote logging' box
This has all be said before and no doubt it'll all be said again as I
fear those who are making these mistakes are not reading messages on
this list.
They may not even BE on the list


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