Re: REU - DSC logs from W Scotland

John Pumford-Green

Hello David and all,

On 04/02/2019 10:38, david via Groups.Io wrote:

John: Thank you for all the work you put in to keeping the database clean.
You rightly suggest that a database with errors is a waste of everyone's
time. Although I will do whatever I can to help with the upkeep, I do wonder
who actually makes use of the data.
I don't know who uses it, and if it is of any real benefit to anyone (beyond a few of the regular contributors) so perhaps it's time to consider the prospect of shutting it down?

One of the problems is that ANYONE can upload data.
This is one of the advantages though, but it's also a disadvantage!

Would it be possible to require everyone who wishes to upload data to first
register with the server, and for the registration to require a contact
email address. Then, if we spotted a problem, the sender could be contacted
This is one of the things I'm thinking about.

YaDD itself has no way of "handshaking" with the YaDDNet server - it just sends UDP packets for each DSC message, so anyone can tick the box and start sending me data...

What I might consider is a server-side list of "registered" RX_IDs and to discard any incoming messages from anyone not on the list. This would be relatively easy to set up, but would need constant attention to add new RX_IDs when new people want to share their data.

I wanted to make YaDDNet run automatically with as little manual intervention as possible, and the idea that I will need to add each new RXID whenever someone wants to "join YaDDNet" is not very attractive.

However, even this is not foolproof, as there's nothing to stop anyone just using using one of the known RX_IDs. Without a change in YaDD itself there's no way of having an authentication/password access control.

And anyway - why should I/we have to go to such lengths? It's only a hobby.

The "network logging" feature in YaDD was added so that anyone could collate the data from multiple copies of their _own_ instances of YaDD across a network connection, and I decided to put something together to collate the data from anyone who wanted to share it with the rest of the community.

If I have to start instigating access control and authentication to keep the database as accurate as I'd like it to be, then that's when it leaves the domain of a hobby and it's time for me to turn it off!

Perhaps the query you run could send an automatic message to the
uploader at the same time as deleting the fault.
Unfortunately just deleting messages that are caught by my "sanity" tests isn't sufficient. All it can do is spot that someone has configured YaDD incorrectly, but can't detect ALL the "bad" messages sent from a mis-configured YaDD.

If things don't settle down soon I might have no option but to discontinue it, though.



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