A sign of life

Thomas (tiNG)

Dear mates,

today a short sign of life on my part. For a little more than a year I am very busy both professionally and privately and can't listen to shortwave. After our move, we bought our own house, the shack is still packed in boxes waiting to be rebuilt and set up.

Due to private and family circumstances, I could not tackle that yet, the hobby had since stood behind. The same applies to the previous personal contacts with some of you. I owe you a few emails with an answer but right now I just can't manage it. But you are not forgotten, I will come back to you later.

I spent some hours on the bands but these were rather modest audits with a small world receiver and there was nothing spectacular to log. That's why I decided not to put what I heard in a mail to share it with you.

Still I will have to refrain from sending logs or participate in discussions for some time. But, God willing, by the end of this year I hope to be QRV again and will share my receptions with you or answer your last personal emails.

Meanwhile, I will follow your posts carefully and enjoy your logs.

Best regards from the north of Germany.

Thomas (tiNG)

Please reply to funkraum@...
or contact me on ICQ# 144 821 677
QTH: 54°36'49''N 009°22'43''E, JO44QO
JRC NRD-525 + VHF/UHF, 2x Icom IC-R71,
Siemens RK770, Philips D2935 with
assorted antennas and software.

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