YaDDNet Data accuracy

John Pumford-Green

Hello all,

Following on from previous posts about accurate reporting of DSC Frequency on messages sent to YaDDNet...

I accept that occasionally mistakes can be made when setting up DSC monitoring, especially if you frequently change bands etc. and I don't want to dissuade anyone from sending data to YaDDNet.

There is no inbuilt "registration" process - anyone can set up their copy of YaDD (and DSC Decoder too, if they know what is required) to send data at any time.

This encourages participation and is A GOOD THING...

However with free and easy access comes the increased chance of "bad data" entering the database. In the past I knew all the participants, and if I spotted an error I could contact them, make sure they correct things at their end, and I would even make corrections to the YaDDNet database where possible, to retain the maximum amount of correct data.

Now there are many contributors and no way of letting many of them know they are sending duff data.

I want YaDDNet to be a repository of accurate DSC Message history - so that anyone might look up, for example "the last messages sent from Cross Corsen" or "has Lyngby been reported on HF this year?" .... etc...etc....

I have had to delete VERY MANY messages, that were otherwise useful, when it's evident that the reported frequency was wrong. I can't justify the additional time and effort needed to work out the correct frequency for the false data and apply corrections.

Deleting is the only option.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be very careful to make sure YaDD and your Receiver are both set to the same frequency, BEFORE enabling remote log uploads.

If you use SCANNING in YaDD - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE confirm that the receiver is ACTUALLY scanning BEFORE enabling remote log uploads.

Just enabling "SCANNING" within YaDD is not sufficient - you need to have the correct remote control functionality already working between your PC and your Receiver. YaDD will send frequency change instructions to a Perseus or other Icom CiV protocol receiver, but you MUST be certain you have set this up correctly. YaDD will not "magically" give you remote control of your receiver simply by enabling "SCANNING".

Today I see that one contributor, Gabriele1090swl, is still submitting data on ALL MF & HF bands, when it's obvious he's only tuned to 2187.5kHz.

He has got YaDD in "SCANNING" mode but his receiver IS NOT changing frequency!

This causes many false reports.

I have taken measures to DELETE all new logs from Gabriele1090swl automatically, every 10 minutes. I would rather lose one participant's data than to poison the database.

If Gabriele1090swl is reading this list - please TURN OFF SCANNING and remote log uploads.


Set YaDD to match the actual frequency of your receiver BEFORE you re-start remote log uploads, otherwise all your data will continue to be deleted.

If you NEED to use SCANNING - please sort out the remote control for your receiver BEFORE you start remote log uploads!

I will do the same when I spot any other long-term mis-reporting from any other participants.

Sorry for the bandwidth.

I'm very happy to see so many participants to YaDDNEt.

Please lets all play nicely otherwise the value of the database we've built up over the last 5+ years is diminished.



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