Re: Yet another uploader error ?

John Pumford-Green

Thanks Bob,

This confirms what I've always thought.

My recent "message" from 005030001, and Michael's from some years ago, can only have been a mis-decode that beat the mathematical error checks of the DSC Protocol.

Or someone with a misconfigured DSC system, which has been seen before too - the cargo ship Medi Kobe masquerading as Chennai / 004194401 springs to mind!



On 24/01/2019 22:36, Bob wrote:
The Australian government agency, ACMA, who are responsible for frequency management, have no assignments for 2187.5KHz.
My DSC logs on the RWW datbase go back to 2007 and I have never logged Charleville/Wiluna Radio on that frequency.
Adelaide, South Australia

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