Database Anomaly


Hello All,
Bringing my WWSU log into line with logs automatically uploaded to YaDDNet,
I found a difference in descriptions:

On 2177kHz, 258999089 is "Karmsund Vid,Skol LJ2B"
On 2187.5Khz, 258999089 is "Kamsund Vid.Skol LJ2B"

Not the end of the world, but can we confirm the correct version, and bring
the records into line?

On a related note, I had assumed that the 'LJ2B' was a callsign, but I see
that 258999039 Vestfold College has the same suffix. Can anyone help me with
the meaning of the 'LJ2B', then?

All good database fun.

Best Wishes
David, GM8XBZ

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