Re: VHF DSC log for the past 7 days

Richard Ware

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Yes the Arrow has been in St Helens Road anchorage awaiting orders as its been working out of Portsmouth - I imagine that all calls from what ever CH70 CG receiver is used around the country are routed the the NMOC at Fareham and the equipment votes the site which it was received hence we can both receive it. I live 0.5 mile from the CG radio site at Hill Head next to the Solent.
As for a why the OOW on Arrow has Holyhead MMSI in his machine for a test is perhaps of little consequence as he gets a successful test for his logbook.
Thanks for that Neil
Yes, I presume the VHF system works in a similar way to the MF one.
There's no reason why it shouldn't. It just makes it nigh on
impossible for us to work out who sent what and from where

It could well be that the ship has its contacts in some sort of
address book/memory bank, and Holyhead is Memory 1 (or whatever). He
just keeps using the same memory.
Never having sailed with a DSC-equipped wireless I'm not au fait with any of it.

Bring back the original Marconi Argonaut. It was about the same size
as your average front door and had about the same sensitivity!. Valves
everywhere. Always working loose due to vibration.
A devil to fault-find on. I digress


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