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Yes the Arrow has been in St Helens Road anchorage awaiting orders as its been working out of Portsmouth - I imagine that all calls from what ever CH70 CG receiver is used around the country are routed the the NMOC at Fareham and the equipment votes the site which it was received hence we can both receive it. I live 0.5 mile from the CG radio site at Hill Head next to the Solent.
As for a why the OOW on Arrow has Holyhead MMSI in his machine for a test is perhaps of little consequence as he gets a successful test for his logbook.


On Sunday, January 6, 2019, 9:37:14 AM GMT, Richard Ware <richardjware@...> wrote:

Hello folks

Here's the VHF-only log for the past 7 days
Nothing exceptional. The usual suspects plus a couple of French signal stations

20181230 0701 156525.0 002275100 CROSS Gris Nez, France
20181229 0015 156525.0 002275200 CROSS Jobourg, France
20190105 2256 156525.0 002288221 Barfleur Signal Station, France
20190102 1543 156525.0 002288227 Cap de la Hague Signal Stn, France
20181230 0957 156525.0 002320010 Dover Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 1218 156525.0 002320011 Solent Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 0044 156525.0 002320012 Portland Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 1218 156525.0 002320014 Falmouth Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 0207 156525.0 002320016 Swansea Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 0535 156525.0 002320017 Milford Haven Coastguard, United Kingdom
20181229 0819 156525.0 002320018 Holyhead Coastguard, United Kingdom

Total 156.525MHz : 11

Holyhead continues to baffle me though
Yesterday (5th) it was logged with an ACK to the same ship (the
Arrow), MMSI nr 235096892) which was in the same place (the Eastern
Solent) as it was when I logged Holyhead before. It's a long way from
the Solent to Holyhead, and why would anyone in the Solent want to or
need to do a check via Holyhead anyway when Solent CG's on their

Dorset, UK
Rx: Icom IC-R6
Decoder: COAA DSC decoder

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