Re: REU - DSC Logs from W Scotland


Hi Rich,


Thanks for the links. I'm sure I must have once known about John's guide, but I had forgotten. My search engine missed it, too.

Now you have pointed me in its direction, I can try to get to grips with how the dsc links ought to work. I can't deny that there seem to be a lot of vessels out there that simply 'do their own thing', though.


I was also surprised at the amount of activity that the Snargate page shows. I expected everything to be closed down, by now. [I can offer a better site, if the kit is Surplus To Requirements 😉]. Perhaps I should study YaDDNet more closely, to see what is happening down there.


Best Wishes



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I've found John's guide an excellent source of info.


As for Snargate, I did a check some time ago via this link and found

the station was active (or as active as you can be with what appears

to be a duff aerial)

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