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Hi Rich,

I see from YaDDNet that Mats and I also reported the same transmission.
Mats and I also reported this station at 1343 yesterday, again being called by 'Public Correspondence Norway', although with different frequency pairs. This changing of the data suggests something deliberate, and makes me suspect a training or demonstration set-up all the more. It is a pity that none of us has captured calls FROM this station. Perhaps it is such low power that we are not receiving it.

Another detective challenge from the airwaves.

Best Wishes,

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Hello folks

At 0823Z today (11th) I logged an ACK on 2177.0 from PC Norway to what
may well be another Norwegian shore establishment (258999349)

Mr Google takes me to a site all about 'FALCK NUTEC' including what
appears to be an example of a distress message, complete with callsign
(LJ4N, a typical shore establishment callsign) and a location (60-23N
005-15E).. If that position is its real one and not hypothetical then
it puts it somewhere West of Bergen

It has been heard by YADDNet. Once on 18th Sept and 3 times on 6th Nov.
Those calls were on 2187.5 not 2177.0

It's all good stuff


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