MMSI 258999349

Richard Ware <richardjware@...>

Hello folks

At 0823Z today (11th) I logged an ACK on 2177.0 from PC Norway to what
may well be another Norwegian shore establishment (258999349)

Mr Google takes me to a site all about 'FALCK NUTEC' including what
appears to be an example of a distress message, complete with callsign
(LJ4N, a typical shore establishment callsign) and a location (60-23N
005-15E).. If that position is its real one and not hypothetical then
it puts it somewhere West of Bergen

It has been heard by YADDNet. Once on 18th Sept and 3 times on 6th Nov.
Those calls were on 2187.5 not 2177.0

It's all good stuff


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