Re: 258999119 ?

Richard Ware

On Sat, 1 Dec 2018 at 17:25, peter via Groups.Io
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Re. the 258999xxx searches. Have logged 258999029 ? clg 258999039 LJ2P
yesterday on 2177 Khz. Unfortunately I did not copy any reply from
Vestfold. Have you any knowledge of 258999029 location - that's if it's
shore based?

Unfortunately this is another UNID. I haven't logged it. A check of
the YADDNet server for the past 90 days shows the first logging wasn't
until 26th Oct (to Istanbulradio no less) on 2, 4 and 8 Mc/s. Apart
from that little foray into Dog Xray country it's mainly been calling
other 258999XXX stations plus the Norway national number.

On MF, it's been logged on 2187.5, 2177.0 and 2189.5


A longer check of the YADDNEt server shows it calling 258999299 today
and giving its position as 59-22N, 10-26E (59.366N 10.433E)
A check on Google shows that to be in the middle of a forest but
there's a Studentsamskipnaden University just down the the
East of that position
It's NW of the town (city?) of Asgardstrand

N|ice one!



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