Re: Carrier on 2183 kHz

Richard Ware

On Tue, 6 Nov 2018 at 22:50, Mats A <omnia@...> wrote:

Hi all.

I have noticed a constant steady signal on 2183 kHz ~20 dB above noise, for the last two three days.
I'm curious if this is local or remote, do anybody else of you have something similar?

I had a listen at 0715Z today (7th) and I could just make out a
foreign female voice on 2183.3 LSB. Sounded as if she was reading a
weather bulletin or something similar. Very weak.
I've heard Rogaland broadcast a weather report on 2177kc/s USB before
now so they're not immune to making mistakes and keying the wrong

It's all quiet there now (0750z)


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