Re: REU - DSC Logs from W Scotland

Mats A

Quote david:
I note that they are the same few IDs every week. Is this more than a coincidence? Is there something in the coding/decoding that throws up these few numbers? Or might they be genuine transmissions from oddly coded sets?

20181102 1141 2187.5 000008040 UNID, UNK
This one seems to be moving around the southern part of the North Sea

20181028 0537 2187.5 000064320 UNID, UNK
This one seems to be cruising from the North Sea to the Mediterranean

20181028 1643 2187.5 000304000 UNID, UNK
This one seems to be stationary to UK

My first guess is that these are real messages (based on the sheer numbers of decoded messages) initiated from ships (due to the interval between tests) with older equipment (where it was possible to enter any numbers as own ship id). It might be class-E MF equipment where there has not been a requirement for the manufacturer to make compliance tests by a notified body.
From the past, I know one VHF manufacturer who made some interesting interpretations of M.493, which made it almost impossible to receive calls by equipment from another manufacturer.

However it can not be excluded that this one or more rough shore stations, but this is not my first guess.

Unfortunately i'm just a DXer, but would have been quite fun to send some "position polls" to either of the stations and note the response.

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