Re: REU - DSC Logs from W Scotland

Richard Ware

On Mon, 5 Nov 2018 at 10:31, david via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

Hello All,

Nothing exceptional. Still nothing from Corsen, although their Navtex
transmitter (which didn't go off-air) sent several "resumption of
transmissions" messages, complete with telephone and fax numbers. That
raised hopes, but no DSC found from them.

That's interesting David

Yesterday (4th) I logged a call to Corsen at around 1620Z and I could
hear the Corsen transmitter fire up. The first time in ages. It's very
distinctive and can best be described as the sound you get when you've
blown up a balloon and then let the air escape while pulling the
rubber apart. A cross between someone blowing a raspberry and a
whistle. Nothing more was heard

I have included the error-free UNIDs, again. I note that they are the same
few IDs every week. Is this more than a coincidence? Is there something in
the coding/decoding that throws up these few numbers? Or might they be
genuine transmissions from oddly coded sets? Perhaps a knowledgeable person
could comment.

The one that intrigues me is 000304000. On the occasions I've logged
it it's always calling Holyhead CG.
Makes me think it's probably something fixed, and to do with whatever
they've got off Anglesey (wind farms, gas fields or whatever).

It's all good stuff


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