Re: 005030001 on 2 Mhz


Hi Don,

I agree. I've been logging DSC regularly since 2011 both in UK and in Australia and never come across it yet on 2 Mhz either.....

All good radio fun!


On 21/10/2018 01:16, Don wrote:
Hi Peter,

Thanks! In the ~4 years I have been doing DSC and had fair reception of SE Asia 
& Pacific I never logged VMC on 2 mHz.

Another terrific Radio day in Nebraska!


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On 20-Oct-18 14:53, peter via Groups.Io wrote:
> Hi all,
> Over the years there have been reports of 005030001 Charleville and Wiluna 
> stations in Australia being logged on 2187.5 Khz. Kordia Solutions Australia 
> the provider of this service sent the following interesting reply to a recent 
> email concerning 2 Mhz operation.
> 73,    Peter
> >Hi Peter,
> >Thank you for the enquiry.
> >Charleville and Wiluna DSC stations do not monitor 2187.5 kHz.
> >Only 4/6/8/12 and 16  MHz.
> >The system has the capability to transmit on 2 MHz so I wouldn't say we have 
> never used it >to Tx (though I don't have an example), however there are no 
> receivers tuned to 2187.5 kHz, >so it would be an operator intervention not a 
> response to any message received.
> >If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.
> >Christian Hillier
> >Business Development Manager
> >Kordia Solutions Australia
> >Kordia Ltd | DDI. +61261516609 | M. +61429942795
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