005030001 on 2 Mhz


Hi all,

Over the years there have been reports of 005030001 Charleville and Wiluna stations in Australia being logged on 2187.5 Khz. Kordia Solutions Australia the provider of this service sent the following interesting reply to a recent email concerning 2 Mhz operation.

73,    Peter
>Hi Peter,

>Thank you for the enquiry.

>Charleville and Wiluna DSC stations do not monitor 2187.5 kHz.
>Only 4/6/8/12 and 16  MHz.

>The system has the capability to transmit on 2 MHz so I wouldn't say we have never used it >to Tx (though I don't have an example), however there are no receivers tuned to 2187.5 kHz, >so it would be an operator intervention not a response to any message received.

>If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

>Christian Hillier
>Business Development Manager
>Kordia Solutions Australia
>Kordia Ltd | DDI. +61261516609 | M. +61429942795

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