Re: set up guide for YaDD?

Richard Ware

On Fri, 12 Oct 2018 at 14:40, Robert Rice <rcrice@...> wrote:

I've been using YaDD for a while to monitor DSC calls.

Still wondering whether I have it all figured out. Is there any sort of user documentation?

I've nosed around, but not turned up anything. Is there any sort of manual or guide?
Hello Robert

We haven't forgotten you !

I was expecting YADD's author to maybe pop up and give you the
definitive answer.

Anyway, to answer your question "is there some kind of manual or
guide"? The short answer is "No". The long answer is "No there isn't"

However, I think there's a guide to YAND (the Navtex equivalent of
YADD, from the same author) somewhere. Having recently had to replace
my laptop I no longer have links to all the sites I used to have but
I'd hazard a guess at it being on the navtexdx mailing list. I guess
that would cover things like setting up receiver shifts and polarity
which should hold good for YADD as well as YAND

How far down the road marked "I think I've got it working" do you
reckon you are? Are you getting any decodes at all?

(Uploading to to theYADD network as Dorset_2 (with YADD) and Dorset_4
(with the COAA DSC decoder)

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