Re: Weekly DSC log from Dorset UK

Richard Ware

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018 at 19:30, Mats A <omnia@...> wrote:

Hi Rich and all,

Just out of curiosity, which MMSIs do Corsen, Porto Torres and Augusta use?


002275300 Corsen
002470120 Augusta
002470133 Porto Torres

Corsen is active on VHF. It doesn't take much of a lift for me to hear
them on Ch16, and I'm about 40 miles inland, roughly on the latitude
of Salisbury
It's just on 2187.5 that it seems to have died. If everything's
automatic, I doubt if anyone actually realizes there's a problem
(assuming of course that it hasn't closed down)
I expect if they checked the log they'd see that the transmitter fired
up at, let's say, 0833GMT. Maybe it did, but it didn't send anything
apart from about 3 seconds of blank carrier. Most helpful !

I haven't had a search of the YADDNet server to see if anyone has
logged these more recently than I have


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