Re: REU - DSC Logs from W Scotland

Alan Gale

At 11:13 13/08/2018, you wrote:

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about your recent health problems, I hope you don't have
any further problems. What you've been through sounds very unpleasant,
but thankfully at least you are still here and recovering.

Good luck and best wishes,


Perhaps John is having a holiday...
Not quite....

I had a heart attack (a proper STEMI) on the 16th of May. This was made more "interesting" by also having a short period of cardiac arrest (ASYTOLE) while in the Accident and Emergency at the local hospital. I regained consciousness to hear a nurse shout "he's back with us!" and to see her still performing the CPR chest compressions....

Then came an air-ambulance trip to the mainland, where I had 3 stents fitted and returned home 3 days later.

Since then I've been undergoing Cardiac Rehab and getting back to "normal", and I'm fully functional again, and back at work.

It wasn't really much of a holiday, but I did get a few weeks to sit in the garden in the sun!

I haven't been keeping a close eye on YaDDNet over the last couple of months, just letting it tick along looking after itself. Hopefully it's been behaving itself while I've had other things to attend to?



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