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Hi John,


Shocked by your news, but really pleased to hear that you are back to 'normal'. I know we have said this before, but if there is anything we can do to ease your load, I sincerely hope you will ask.


The way you have YaDDNet set up, now, seems to be very successful. The system seems to tick along to the satisfaction of the users, and you can't ask for much more than that.


As for Snargate, it is a shame after all the effort that you put in to the organisation and implementation of their system, but I suppose there is a finite demand for the training they offer, and such businesses have to move on or they will fade away. If they need a new location for their hardware, I can provide one 😉


Best Wishes for your own health, and for your future.


David, GM8XBZ


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On 13/08/18 10:28, david via Groups.Io wrote:

> No sign of Snargate out here, either.


I heard yesterday that "GMDSS Training" at Dover, who operate Snargate

Radio are closing their doors. They plan to move the hardware for

Snargate Radio 002320204 to another location once the dust has settled.

In the meantime it appears someone has pulled the plug on the DSC

system, a little prematurely, and hopefully it'll be restored in the

next few days, and will run as normal until they find a new home for it,

or decide to give up on it too.


> Perhaps John is having a holiday...


Not quite....


I had a heart attack (a proper STEMI) on the 16th of May. This was made

more "interesting" by also having a short period of cardiac arrest

(ASYTOLE) while in the Accident and Emergency at the local hospital. I

regained consciousness to hear a nurse shout "he's back with us!" and to

see her still performing the CPR chest compressions....


Then came an air-ambulance trip to the mainland, where I had 3 stents

fitted and returned home 3 days later.


Since then I've been undergoing Cardiac Rehab and getting back to

"normal", and I'm fully functional again, and back at work.


It wasn't really much of a holiday, but I did get a few weeks to sit in

the garden in the sun!


I haven't been keeping a close eye on YaDDNet over the last couple of

months, just letting it tick along looking after itself. Hopefully it's

been behaving itself while I've had other things to attend to?








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