Re: That carrier on 2 Megs again


Hello All,

Just a quick 'me too'.

I've had this carrier for about 24hrs, It is very strong -- more than S6 -- and getting up to 45db above the noise floor according to my ELAD. The signal is showing slow variation in strength, but prevents decoding of all but the strongest signals. Because it is spot on the upper tone frequency, a notch just stops all decoding.
I really must put up a directional antenna. That so many of us are experiencing this carrier suggests a strong source. I would love to tie its location down.

Best Wishes
David, GM8XBZ

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Much the same here Rich.......!


On 18/05/2018 07:00, Richard Ware wrote:
Hello folks

An abysmal night of logging on 2 mc/s

The poor (grim?) conditions aren't being helped by that strong carrier
that's re-appeared on 2187.5 kc/s. It was still there when I pulled

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