Re: Offtopic: Any known country that uses DSC to announce NAV or METEO on VHF?


Hi Mats, Rich & all,

Same here as Rich mentioned, have never seen any area calls on Ch 70


On 16/05/2018 16:57, Mats A wrote:
Hi all.

Most of us have seen AREA calls on MF and HF by DSC (an example here ( ) which may be opened by google earth), but is DSC used on VHF?

I'm keen to know if any of you know if there are any country's using DSC (CH70) to announce NAV warnings and weather forecasts by voice on VHF, or not?
If the country are using DSC, is it only for urgent or for all messages and forecasts?

The reason for the question is based on information given in WMO Vol. D ( ) where no MMSI's is given despite most country's have information in the DSC column, and the form for reporting updated information contains a MMSI field.

Thanks for your kind cooperation


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