Re: Offtopic: Any known country that uses DSC to announce NAV or METEO on VHF?

Richard Ware

On 16 May 2018 at 16:57, Mats A <omnia@...> wrote:
Hi all.
I'm keen to know if any of you know if there are any country's using DSC
(CH70) to announce NAV warnings and weather forecasts by voice on VHF, or
If the country are using DSC, is it only for urgent or for all messages and

From where I am in the South of the UK I can hear Solent Coastguard
and Milford Haven Coastguard on VHF.
On the days when I leave DSC decoder monitoring Ch70 I've never yet
logged an 'all ships' broadcast from either of them prior to weather
bulletins. MSI broadcasts or gale warnings, not even during those
Atlantic storms we had last year. As quiet as the grave

At the end of a broadcast they don't even announce that they're even
*listening* on Ch70. It's just a quick case of "the next broadcast
from this station will be in approximately 3 hours" and that's it.
Transmitter OFF, kettle ON !


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