What's up?

Thomas (tiNG)

Dear friends.


A few days ago I reported myself QRT because of moving house.


The funny thing is that I didn’t receive any digest or message ever since.


Are there known problems with YAHOO or is it just nothing to report (all others QRT, too)?


Kind regards and greets from Germany.


73 & 55


Thomas (tiNG)


Please reply to: funkraum@... / ICQ 144 821 677


QTH: 54°39'47''N 009°27'11''E, JO44RP

JRC NRD-525 + VHF/UHF, 2x Icom IC-R71,
Siemens RK770, Philips D2935,
Active and passive antennas

Wavecom W4010 and assorted Software


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