QRT for months

Thomas (tiNG)

Hello group.


This message is a brief farewell as I will be off for a few months.


Some of you might already know that my wife and I are moving house – just from one little village to another. It takes us 8 kilometres to the southwest where we bought a house. It takes us from JO44RP49 to JO44QO57, a bit more to the edge of the new village with a lots of green around. This area is very quiet from QRM as I tried several weeks ago. Best for DX I think…


So we’re packing everything since a few weeks. Today all my antennas and my shack got dismantled now I’m off air. I will be reading all your incomes but can not add own logs. As our ISP has to move with us, too, there may also several days away from the Internet. But that doesn’t matter as I bet I won’t have that much time to click and surf… ;-)


I hope to be back with own logs around Spring next year, if I manage to install my receivers and antennas in time.


Have a good time on the waves and bands and always best conditions.


Kind regards!


73 & 55


Thomas (tiNG)


Please reply to: funkraum@... / ICQ 144 821 677


QTH: 54°39'47''N 009°27'11''E, JO44RP

JRC NRD-525 + VHF/UHF, 2x Icom IC-R71,
Siemens RK770, Philips D2935,
Active and passive antennas

Wavecom W4010 and assorted Software



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