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John Pumford-Green

Hi Raimo,

Normally a Coast Station has an MMSI number which begins with "00" (e.g. 002300230, Turku Radio).

Detecting a Coast Station is usually straightforward, you look at the first 2 digits of the MMSI and if they are "00" you have found a Coast Station.

This is the behaviour in YaDD.

There are, however, a number of shore-based establishments which have been allocated MMSI numbers normally used for Ships - these DO NOT begin "00", such as "Sailor Examiner 219015591".

YaDD cannot detect these as Coast Stations, as the only mechanism written into YaDD for detecting a Coast Station is to identify the "00" at the beginning of the MMSI.

YaDDNet, the online database, has been configured to allow a second list of "Special Coast Stations", I add each new "special" MMSI when we discover them.

Each message sent to YaDDNet is inspected and the MMSI checked against the list of "Special Coast Stations" to detect these unusual stations.

The current list of "Special" Coast Stations - which use Ship Station MMSI numbers is:

211204590,D,Jade Hochschule DH6000,53.24195,8.466548
219000022,DNK,Procare Test XP8100,57.21347,9.685083
219000225,DNK,Slipshavn MHV Skole XP6351,55.28789,10.82636
219000333,DNK,Skaw Star XPB3047,57.71387,10.58035
219000559,DNK,Polaris Aalborg XPC5421,57.00399,9.93175
219015591,DNK,Sailor Examiner XPE3307,57.21385,9.68675
219016306,DNK,Simac-1 XPE3817,55.06562,10.61925
219020185,DNK,Simrad Test XPE6606,56.88115,9.83896
219055000,DNK,Skagen Skipperskole XPA6880,57.71386,10.58035
228040600,F,ANFR Test Donges FIIR,47.35146,-2.098407
235899980,G,RNLI College Poole,50.71642,-1.987965
235899982,G,RNLI College Poole 2,50.71644,-1.98799
237673000,GRC,Piraeus JRCC,37.96666667,23.66666667
237673100,GRC,Piraeus JRCC,0,0
257999169,NOR,Wartsila Test,59.75138,10.13295
258999039,NOR,Vestfold College LJ2P,59.36928,10.44164
258999089,NOR,Karmsund Vid Skole LJ2B,59.39892,5.283093
258999189,NOR,Serco Test LJ8C,59.24617,10.47403
258999209,NOR,TMS-C Tromso LJ3J,69.65479,18.95496
264999908,ROU,CMU School,44.18279,28.65155
412000412,CHN,Tianjin Seaman School,39.03144,117.6483

One "real" Coast Station is on that list : 237673000,GRC,Piraeus JRCC, but most of them are training colleges, who simply use a Ship MMSI on their Shore Based equipment.

In the DSC List group we have decided to treat these as Coast Stations, since they are in fixed locations on land.



On 14/07/2020 17:02, Raimo Karjalainen wrote:
I have received today this Danish station
Sailor Examiner XPE3307
Denmark But this is not show my YaDD- program Log?

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