Re: VHF Ch70 (was Re: [dsc-list] MMSI 002288191 (Saint Quay Signal Station))

Richard Ware

On Wed, 20 May 2020 at 15:48, Noel via
<> wrote:

Thanks Rich. I've been monitoring Ch70 for the last hour and it's not busy - which is to be expected, I suppose. Point taken in respect of input levels.
I don't know if this is sheer coincidence, but yesterday evening I
changed the SeaTTY soundcard sampling rate from 11025 (its default
setting) to 48000.
Now it's matching the COAA decoder pound-for-pound, with 14 'hits' on
each decoder between 0001 and 0700 GMT
Nothing's gone bang. There's no smoke coming from the laptop. Onwards
and upwards !


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