VHF Ch70 (was Re: [dsc-list] MMSI 002288191 (Saint Quay Signal Station))

Richard Ware

On Wed, 20 May 2020 at 13:54, Noel via groups.io
<pnoelw=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

I'm trying a couple of decoders for VHF DSC - SeaTTY and Coaa's DSC decoder. Both on trial at the moment. I will be using an SDRPlay RSP2 and wondered what reception mode and filters i should use - together with any other hints and tips you might have? I'm in Essex and assume that channel 70 would apply here?

I've altered the subject line as we're not talking about Saint Quay
Signal Station any more are we?

I don't have any SDR gubbins in the shack. I prefer the old 'sit up
and beg' wirelesses with knobs and pushbuttons and whatnot so I have
no idea what filtering would be required on your RSP2.
Be that as it may.

For VHF DSC I use the little Icom ICR-6 handheld scanner with SeaTTY
and the COAA decoder. with a patch lead from the speaker socket of the
ICOM into the laptop's MIC socket. FM is used on Ch70 and that channel
is universally used for VHF DSC so you'll be OK in Essex
The only thing I would say, and this goes for all data decoding that
I've done over the years (VHF ACARS, HFDL and DSC) is "don't overcook
the audio" On the ICOM's volume control (range 00 to 39) I have it set
on 10, with the squelch open


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