MMSI 002288191 (Saint Quay Signal Station)

Richard Ware <richardjware@...>

Hello folks

Conditions on VHF have been up for the past couple of days

A new one for me today (19th) on Ch70 was Saint Quay Signal Station
(France), MMSI no. 002288191 which was logged by Peter back in 2018.
I can only see one entry (Peter's) in the group's message archives.
YADDNet shows it as UNID. If you're reading this John, can you do the
honours please? No hurry as it hasn't been logged for 2 years

Now I'd better find out where abouts in France it is.

As an aside, I've been running SeaTTY in parallel with COAA DSC
decoder on Ch70. Although SeaTTY wins hands-down in the battle of HF
and MF, COAA decoder wins by a mile when it comes to VHF DSC. Strange


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