Re: Belfast CG on Ch70, or was it?

John Pumford-Green

On 27/04/2020 21:05, Richard Ware wrote:

All I can think of is that BRAVER puts a test call through to Portland
CG (002320012) or Solent CG (002320011) but makes a pig's ear of the
last 2 digits and, with the Coastguard in its 'one size fits all'
mode, receives an ACK from 002320021 (Belfast) but from one of
Portland's or Solent's sites

.....Is the correct answer.

VHF/MF, it's all the same, the site used to transmit a reply is usually the one the initial call was received on. The MMSI used on the reply is the one that was used on the call received.

So the vessel probably called Belfast's MMSI, either accidentally keying in the wrong MMSI, or just didn't care, as long as it's a UK Coastguard MMSI, while in an area served by VHF base stations not usually associated with Belfast. The reply will have gone back from the same site, but carrying Belfast's MMSI.

The fact that it's VHF makes no difference.

The sooner they move to a single UK Coastguard MMSI the better - not good for our love of collecting, perhaps, but it makes more sense than seeing "Belfast's MMSI" coming out of a site on the English Channel?




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