Belfast CG on Ch70, or was it?

Richard Ware <richardjware@...>

Hello folks

Looking through my VHF Ch70 log for today I see that I've (allegedly)
logged Belfast Coastguard (002320021)
(see attachment)

I'm very dubious of this as at the time the ship it was replying to
was in the NE-bound lane of the Casquettes TSS and nowhere near
Belfast CG or any of its relay sites
The ship concerned, MMSI 219017205 which YADDNet shows as
BAYARD-7/OUYP2 is actually BRAVER/OUYP2, having had its name changed
way back in 2018

So, BRAVER, near France, gets an ACK from Belfast CG at 1200 (unlikely?)
Twelve minutes later it gets 3 ACKs from CROSS Jobourg which would
seem more logical considering its position

All I can think of is that BRAVER puts a test call through to Portland
CG (002320012) or Solent CG (002320011) but makes a pig's ear of the
last 2 digits and, with the Coastguard in its 'one size fits all'
mode, receives an ACK from 002320021 (Belfast) but from one of
Portland's or Solent's sites

Conditions were up yesterday (26th) but have dropped back to normal
today, or at least they have here.

It's all good stuff !

Uploading VHF Ch70 with the COAA DSC decoder

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