Re: REU DSC log format question

Richard Ware <richardjware@...>

On Tue, 14 Apr 2020 at 07:07, Richard Ware via
<> wrote:

There's a much easier way than going through all that shift/click malarkey

Why not simply upload your traffic to the YADDNet server at which will produce a daily, error-free, log for you.

It looks like you've got it all sorted out. Well done. I can see your
ID on the list of uploaders

Here's your coast station log for today so far (0911Z)

4207.5 :
20200414 0853 4207.5 003669899 Kodiak Radio, USA

Total 2177.0kHz : 0
Total 2187.5kHz : 0
Total 4207.5kHz : 1
Total 6312.0kHz : 0
Total 8414.5kHz : 0
Total 12577.0kHz : 0
Total 16804.5kHz : 0
Total 156.525MHz : 0

It's looking good

I forgot to mention that you can, if you wish, also get a log of ships
heard, simply by selecting SHIP RWW instead of COAST RWW


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