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Hi and Welcome!

In YaDD, shift + click on the 'UTC' column of the entry you wish to add to the log...remember to check the far right column to ensure it shows cECC Error 'OK' in green...
There's a much easier way than going through all that shift/click malarkey

Why not simply upload your traffic to the YADDNet server at which will produce a daily, error-free, log for you.
To do that, assuming you are not already doing so
Clcik on the Remote Log tab on YADD...

For Hostname: insert (minus the quotes) ""
Port Number: 50666
Rx ID. Try not to have something too obscure and avoid meaningless
nonsense like simply SDR or TEST. Maybe just your location or locator
code (mine is Dorset_UK)
Make sure in the settings that the frequency your receiver is
monitoring is the same as what YADD shows. That is **VERY** important
Click on Enable Remote Logging

And that's it
Your traffic will be uploaded to the server. To confirm this is the
case, observe the 'messages sent' window incrementing on the Remote

To find your daily log........

Go to the YADDNet home page at
Scroll down until you see a button marked Coast RWW (it's under 'OTHER
FUNCTIONS' (centre of the page)
Enter your receiver ID where it says "Enter a (partial or full) receiver ID
Leave everything else as it is
If you want to see what you logged yesterday, click ONE on the 'number
of days ago' menu
Then click GET RWW
and that's it

That should bring up your log
You can then select all/copy and paste it into your email

As usual, you'll probably find that doing it is easier than me explaining it

Any problems, just sing out

(uploading VHF Ch70 traffic as Dorest_UK)

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