Re: REU DSC log format question

Jay Law

Hi and Welcome!

In YaDD,  shift + click on the 'UTC' column of the entry you wish to add to the log...remember to check the far right column to ensure it shows cECC Error 'OK' in green...

Once you have finished adding the log entries, click on 'REU/RNA Report' tab.

All your log entries will be shown in the Summary Report (this is the correct format for Peter to add your logs to RNA)...

Click the 'To CLPBRD' button on the right.

Open a notepad (.txt) file and paste the log into it.

Then create a header in a similar format to the guys here on the forum. Feel free to use mine as a template...

Most importantly you need to include your name and the GSQ (Maidenhead format) of your location..use
to find yours...

Finally, please ensure that the frequency you are monitoring is selected correctly in YaDD, seems obvious but is easy to overlook.

All the best and look forward to your logs...

Best Regards & Good DX


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