Re: REU-DSC Logs from North West Italy 2020-3-30


Hi Bruno,

No, thanks and that and it all looks good, the reason I mentioned it was the last time Coruna R was logged on 16 Mhz was back in 2018. Though of late the 00224xxxx stations are using 4/8 and 12 Mhz regularly  in addition to their usual 2187.5/2177 MF channels so why not 16 Mhz!

Best regards,


On 31/03/2020 11:29, Bruno wrote:
Hi Peter

This is my 2nd RX , a JRC535 with a long wire that I am testing these days leaving it switched on on a frequency compatible with my long wire (not really long, just 8 mt…. ).
I utilized a 2nd Yadd . Unless I didn’t make a mistake setting the frequency on Yadd the log looks ok.

I do also have a similar log on same frequency just earlier

Let me know if I did a mistake.
Many thanks

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Inviato: martedì 31 marzo 2020 12:56
Oggetto: Re: [dsc-list] REU-DSC Logs from North West Italy 2020-3-30

On 31/03/2020 10:23, Bruno wrote:
20200330 2023 16804.5 002241022 Coruna Radio, E, 1244 Km

Hi Bruno,

Could you confirm this log as a good copy on 16804.5  Khz at this time




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