Re: Assistance with YADD 1.7.1- input levels

Mats A

Hi Stephen,

Maybe you experience the same issue as i have?
I normally use a FDM-S2 and SDR console with a bunch of YaDD and YaND instances under windows 7, and it has been running flawless.
But after an upgrade to Win10, the audio to YaDD and YaND stutters.which results in poor decoding. I have tried ELAD SW and it works the same.

Try to do a recording with as suitable recording software (i use audacity) with a sampling rate of 11025.
I my case the audio in the recording are not continuous, but rather a second, or two, with audio and then a gap with silence for about half a second.

I have not found a solution for it yet, but it's not related to YaDD, YaND or VAC, as i have tried to feed YaDD and YaND with a previous recording from audacity and it works as expected. I seems as my PC is allergic to Win10, and I'm now running from another NUC computer under Win10, which is a bit weak but it works.


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