Assistance with YADD 1.7.1- input levels

Stephen Carmin

Hello All:

Since upgrading(?) to a new PC and Windows 10, I have poor success in successful YADD decoding, unless I receive an extremely strong signal.  It appears that I am only getting marginal input audio signal to the YADD application.  I have checked my sound input levels, and it displays "100" (sound settings/advanced sound options/app volume and device prefs).

I am feeding the YADD application from an ELAD SDR, with sound out to external speakers after a soundblaster audio card.  My YADD application settings are identical to what I was running under Win7, although a with different soundcard.

I run other decoders (MARS ALE, MultiPSK) with identical input and output settings from Win7 (albeit not at the same time) with no issues.

I am hoping someone can point me in the correct direction on ways to address this issue as I am out of ideas.


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