Re: yadd2map not showing ships

Brian Walker

Hello again Claude. 02:21 and can't sleep lol, so I thought I'd mention something that logically might help you. Thing is I don't kow the first thing about programming
but I just noticed when I clicked on the Coast Stations tab in Yadd that this message is at the bottom of the box

By default, YaDD will resolve ship data from the file yadd_MMSI_ship.txt.
When data for a ship are not found in the file, YaDD can optionally get ship
data online from APRS.FI., and update the file accordingly.

For this to work, you need to apply for a API-key at <>
and enter/paste the key in the box below. The key is free, but required!
When no key is entered, ship data will only be retrieved from file.

I found this key on my free account and entered it in the box supplied in yadd, and saved it.

Now I'm wondering if this is an avenue worth you trying ie as an alternative data baseĀ  to marine tracking.
Just a thought Claude.
73 Brian

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