Re: Wartsila Test, Drammen (MMSI 257999169)

Richard Ware

On Mon, 13 Jan 2020 at 22:54, Richard Ware <richardjware@...> wrote:

Any MMSI with '999' in it automatically raises my suspicions that it
could be something unique

As a P.S to this, I set up an alert on the decoder this morning to
'ping' whenever it logs an MMSI number containing 3 consecutive
About 5 minutes later, it pinged, with PC Norway (002570000) sending
an ACK to MMSI number 258999099 on 2177.0 kc/s
That call was logged about 8 mins after Norway National had sent an
ACK to Wartsila Test, no less.
Another Norwegian, and with all those 'nines' I'm sure it's another
shore establishment but I can't find anything more than that.
I suppose I could be cheeky and bang off an email to Wartsila asking
it it's one of theirs !

Onwards and upwards


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