Iodine - An Antiviral for the Corona-Virus with many other medicinal uses...


I started researching and using iodine internally and externally (I use iosol iodine instead of Lugol's iodine) before the global Coronavirus outbreak was reported in the news.

During my research of iodine found the following medical studies with iodine's effectiveness against Viruses (both enveloped viruses, such as Coronavirus, and non-enveloped viruses) ................:

Rapid and Effective Virucidal Activity of Povidone-Iodine Products Against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA)

In Vitro Bactericidal and Virucidal Efficacy of Povidone-Iodine Gargle/Mouthwash Against Respiratory and Oral Tract Pathogens

Transmission of SARS and MERS coronaviruses and influenza virus in healthcare settings: the possible role of dry surface contamination.

Inactivation of SARS coronavirus by means of povidone-iodine, physical conditions and chemical reagents

Inactivation of human viruses by povidone-iodine in comparison with other antiseptics

The last sentence of this study's abstract states...."
"PVP-I had a wider virucidal spectrum, covering both enveloped and nonenveloped viruses, than the other commercially available antiseptics

NOTE CLEARLY........: 

Povidone-iodine used in these medical studies is intented for EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!! Nevertheless, these studies demonstrate that iodine acts as a powerful ANTIVIRAL agent when it comes into contact with both "enveloped and nonenveloped viruses".


Here is a link to an article written by Dr. David Derry, MD, PhD about the use of IODINE against Influenza-Viruses [i.e. enveloped viruses, such as the Coronavirus]............:

Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses
by David Derry, MD, PhD
Received: August 29, 2009
Accepted: September 2, 2009

After the 1918 Influenza Pandemic which killed an estimated 30 million people, governments financed research on the Pandemic’s causes.  Over 25 years, influenza viruses were isolated and methods for killing them with various agents discovered.

Iodine was the most effective agent for killing viruses, especially influenza viruses.

Aerosol iodine was found to kill viruses in sprayed mists, and solutions of iodine were equally effective. In 1945, Burnet and Stone found that putting iodine on mice snouts prevented the mice from being infected with live influenza virus in mists.

They suggested that impregnating masks  with  iodine  would  help  stop  viral  spread.  They  also  recommended  that  medical  personnel  have iodine-aerosol-treated rooms for examination and treatment of highly infected patients.

Current methods of dealing with influenza infection are isolation, hand washing, antiviral drugs, and vaccinations. All of these methods can be improved by incorporating iodine into them. When impregnated with iodine, masks become much more effective, and hand washing is more effect when done with mild iodine solutions.

Isolation techniques coupled with aerosol iodine would make them safer for patients, medical personnel, and all persons working with the public.

Public health authorities could organize the distribution of iodine and at the same time educate the public in the effective use of iodine.

Oral iodine might also boost body defense mechanisms in the upper oral and respiratory mucus.

Conclusion:  Iodine incorporated into masks,solutions, aerosols, and oral preparations could help to kill influenza viruses and fight off an H1N1 Pandemic.

NOTE what is written on page 2 of this paper.........:

Moreover, it has been used asa  prophylactic  and  therapeutic  agent  in  diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and to sanitize eating utensils. [7,12]

Iodine kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and even spores of bacteria and fungi,  including  anthrax  spores. 

Iodine  was  used successfully against influenza, herpes, small pox,and chicken pox viruses.[7]


Burnet  and  Stone  also  suggested,  “it  may  be worth  considering  iodine  vapor  as  a  practical means  of  limiting  indoor  infection  during  an  in-fluenza epidemic”

Students in classrooms were[2,3] protected from influenza by iodine aerosol therapy. Aerosol  iodine  also  is  effective  against  freshly sprayed influenza virus.[8]

IODINE can easily cause a HEALING CRISIS / HERXHEIMER REACTION when taken INTERNALLY..........

Dr. Gabrial Cousens, MD explains why IODINE can easily create a Healing Crisis....

"Iodine, as previously expressed, kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and forces the halogens and other toxins out of the system.

When toxins are released and parasites, bacteria, viruses, and protozoans are killed, one may have a Herxheimer reaction, which may lead to a healing crisis."

 We may also have a healing crisis reaction from these toxins leaving the system.
However, I should point out that while no one has ever died from iodine overdose or allergic reaction, each year 103,000 people die from properly prescribed allopathic drugs. The allopathic community’s iodine phobia is ironic in this light."

Since iodine taken internally can easily cause a healing crisis because of its power to kill many different types of infectious agents and because of its ability to detox heavy metals, those chronically ill might do better by starting with diluting one drop of iodine (IOSOL, Lugol's or Nascent iodine) into one ounce of distilled water, and then taking only several drops.  From this beginning, one can increase the dose as appropriate.


For a list of  23 Benefits of iodine, please read Dr. Gabrial Cousens, MD article........:

Iodine – The Universal & Holistic Super Mineral
By Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD
Edited by Nonnie Chrystal, B.S.


Although I read many years ago that IODINE is ONLY USED BY THE THYROID, a study published in 2017 proved the idea that "IODINE is ONLY USED BY THE THYROID" is NOT correct. 

A 2017 study demonstrated that IODINE is a critical component of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.....................:

A Role for Iodide and Thyroglobulin in Modulating the Function of Human Immune Cells

...Overall, our studies reveal the novel network between human immune cells and thyroid-related molecules and highlight the importance of iodine in regulating the function of human immune cells."



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