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Doc Phil & Tony's Doo Wop Clinic & Encyclopedia - SHOW # 431
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November 7, 2019
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*Value of Original 45 RPM Records per "45 RPM Vocal Group Record Price Guide," 9th Edition, by Jeff Kreiter. Total Value (Original 45 RPMs - First Pressings) this weeks 45s: $7,896.

**All Released Recordings from 45 or 78 RPM Records. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

To provide its listeners with an opportunity to request and hear the lesser known vocal group harmony recordings of the 1950s and early 1960s, in addition to those standards and classics which are more commonly heard. Also featured are the roots of the music from the 1940s and 1930s (and sometimes even earlier) and post-1960s recordings inspired by the vocal group harmony sound of the 1950s. Whenever available, verified historical information about the recordings and the artists performing them are provided during the show, for the distinct purpose of teaching, scholarship, and research.

BMG = Black Male Group (36)
BMGFL = Black Male Group With Female Lead (2)
BCG = Black Mixed Gender Group (2)
BFG = Black Female Group (1)
IMG = Racially Mixed Male Group (3)
WMG = White Male Group (12)
WCG = White Mixed Gender Group (1)

Bay Bops (WMG): Joanie - March 27, 1958 Coral 9-61975 ($75) [Last played 7/30/15; as Opener]
b/w “Follow The Rock.” The group was from the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn (NY). Both their releases were in 1958 on the Coral label.
Members: Robert Serrao (2nd Tenor), George Taylor, Jr. (1st Tenor), Barney Zarzana (Baritone, Bass), & Danny Zipfel (Lead Tenor).

Kodaks (BMGFL): Run Around Baby - 1958 Fury 1020 ($75) [Last played 8/2/18; at Request of Art CT]
b/w "Guardian Angel." Group is aka the Kodoks. Members of the Newark (NJ) group on this recording: Richard "Pumpy" Dixon (Baritone), Harold "Curley" Jenkins (1st Tenor), Pearl McKinnon (Lead), William Miller (Bass), & James Patrick (1st Tenor).

This is the 4th, and last, of their Fury releases. 1960s variations of the group had 2 releases on Wink, and 1 (as the Kadaks) on J & S.

Enchanters (WMG): Oh Rosemarie - May 1962 J. J. & M. (No #) ($100) [Last played 3/21/19; as Opener]
b/w "Bewildered." Members of the group, from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn (NY): Mickey Dabulis (1st Tenor, Bass), Larry Fawcette (Baritone), John Ianoni (Lead Tenor; Baritone), Joe Mano (Lead Tenor, 1st Tenor), & Mike Seltzer (2nd Tenor). Their Tenor Lead was Joe Mano; their Baritone Lead was John Ianoni.
Their only other release was "I Lied To My Heart" on Musitron (# 1072) in February 1961.

Hank Blackman & Killers (BMG): Everyone Has Someone - April 1962 Brent 7030 ($50) [Last played 8/11/16; at Request of Carmen]
b/w "Itchy Koo." Members: Hank Blackman (Baritone), James Famber (2nd Tenor), Jerome Louis "J. J." Jackson (Lead; Piano), Hubert Richardson (1st Tenor), & Garnett Sykes (Lead). The lead was sung by Hank Blackman.
While the San Diego (CA) group had just this one release under this name, they also had releases as J. J. Jackson & Jackals/Jackaels.

Vocaltones (BMG): Come Dance With Me - Recorded 1957; Released 1988 Murray Hill LP 001101 ("Come Dance With Me") [Last played 7/19/18; at Request of Art CT]
Members of the NYC group on this recording: Irving Lee Gail (Bass), Roland Martinez (Tenor), Bobby Moore (2nd Tenor), Wyndham "Corky" Porter (Baritone), & Bobby Robinson aka Bobby Johnson (Tenor). The lead was sung by Bobby Johnson.
The group was closely related to the Dovers/Miriam Grate & the Dovers. They are well-known among collectors for their great recordings on the Apollo label. This was one of 5 or 6 recordings made in 1957 for George Goldner, who had just launched the Juanita and Cindy labels. The group had 1 release on Cindy.

Lil' June & January's (BMG): Oh What A Feeling - 1959 Profile 4009 ($125) [Last played 3/3/16; at Request of Phil]
b/w "Oh My Love." Bootlegged on Last Chance (# 110) in 1972.
This was the 1st of the Chicago (IL) group's 2 releases. The 2nd ("Hello") was released in 1963 on Salem (# 188) as by Little June & the Januarys. (It appears that there were significant differences in personnel on the Profile and Salem releases.)
According to Disco-File, the group's Lead Singer (Lil' June) was Johnny G. Coleman. Personnel of the January's on this recording is not known. (Disco-File also shows that "Little June" on the Salem release was Claude Johnson, with Johnny G. Coleman a member of that group.)

Little Willie & Rhythm Cadets (BMG): Elanor - Recorded Circa 1958; Released 1987 Crystal Ball 152 ($8) [Last played 4/13/17; at Request of Woody S]
b/w "I Need Your Love." The recording date of this 45 is not known with any degree of certainty. Ed Engel had around 100 45s released on the Crystal Ball label; some were recorded around the time of their release. However, some were recorded much earlier.
It is not believed that there is any connection between this group and the Syracuse (NY) group on Vesta, nor can I say with any certainty that the group's name was that as Engel listed on the 45.

Dedications (WMG): Shining Star - 1963 C & A 506 ($200)
b/w "Mary Lou." Members: Mike Paquette (Lead; 1st Tenor),
Joseph Burke (1st Tenor), John Mallon (Bass), Ronald Petri (2nd Tenor), & Steve Petri (Baritone). They were from the Ozone Park section of Queens (NY).
The group had 1 other release, also in 1963, on the Bell label. In the early 1980, 3 singles were released on the collector-owned Avenue D label that contained previously unreleased recordings by the group.
The group is remotely related to the Dedications on the Card and Tilden labels (1 common member). The group, or some variation of it, also were the Dedications who backed Scott English on releases in the early 1960s.

De Cals (BMG): There In The Moonlight - Recorded Circa 1958; Released 1975 Monogram 103 (Red Wax $20; Black Wax $10) [Last played 7/4/13; at Request of Ruby]
b/w "Londonderry Air." Another unissued gem that Val Shively pressed on his Monogram label.
The recording is a demo recorded at Allegro Studios in NYC. The group was from somewhere in NYC.

Allures (WCG): Lovers Never Say Goodbye - 1990 Starlight 71 (Brown Wax $8)
b/w "Magic Moon (Clair De Lune)." Members (& where they were from): Charles Gaskin - 2nd Tenor (Bronx, NY), Rosemary Gaskin - 1st Tenor (Bronx, NY), Mike Pia - Bass (Staten Island, NY), & Ted Ziffer - Lead Tenor; 2nd Tenor; Falsetto Lead (New Jersey).
This was the last of the a cappella group's 5 releases; all were on the Starlight label (between November 1985 and March 1990.) They also had a release on the label on which they were billed as "Rosie & the Originals."

Monels (WMG): Everyday Of The Week - June 1989 Starlight 66 ($6)
b/w "Please Say You Want Me." Members of the one-record group: Bill Brennan (Baritone), Mike Brennan (2nd Tenor), Rob Kalb (Lead Tenor), & George Markey (1st Tenor).

Little Anthony & Imperials (BMG): A Prayer And A Juke Box - Recorded April 29, 1959; Released May 1959 End 1047 ($25) [Last played 6/9/16; at Request of Babs New Rochelle]
b/w "River Path." This was the group's 5th release on the End label. The record scored on the Billboard National Pop Chart (but not on the National R&B Chart.)
Members of the Brooklyn (NY) group: "Little" Anthony Gourdine (Lead), Tracy Lord (Tenor), Ernest Wright, Jr. (2nd Tenor), Clarence Collins (Baritone), & Glouster Rogers (Bass).

Royal Jesters (WMG): Love Me - July 1962 Cobra 2222 ($25) [Last played 3/14/19; at Request of Bull]
b/w "Let's Kiss And Make Up." Members of the San Antonio (TX) group on this recording: Dimas Garza, Carl Henderson, Abel Martinez, & Abel Verestiteque. The lead was sung by Dimas Garza.
The first 3 members listed above were also members of the Lyrics on the (Texas) Harlem label.

Aquans (WMG): Idol Of Love - Recorded Circa 1961; Unreleased [Last played 12/27/18; at Request of Phil]
This 78 RPM demo was recorded at the Audiosonpc Recording Company, located at 1619 Broadway (The Brill Buildiing) in NYC. The flip side of the demo was "Challenge Of Love." The group was from NYC; the exact borough is not known.
Embers (BMG): Cause You’re My Lover - Recorded Circa 1959; Released 1990 Crystal Ball LP 130 ("They Sang In Pittsburgh, Vol. 1")
This group is presumably from Pittsburgh (PA), but given the LP's producer that is far from a certainty. In fact, even the group name may be fictitious.

Desires (WMG): Phyllis Beloved - November 1961 Dasa 102 ($75) [Last played 1/5/17; at Request of Zeke]
b/w "The Girl For Me." Members of the one-record Rhode Island group: Frankie Bianchini, Ron Lewis, Johnny Wahl, & Ray Wasilewski. The lead was sung by Ray Wasilewski.

Earl Nelson & Pelicans (BMG): I Bow To You - April 1957 Class 209 ($500) [Last played 11/3/16; at Request of Joe K]
b/w "Oh Gee Oh Golly." Members of the Los Angeles (CA) group: Earl Lee Nelson (Lead), Bobby James "Baby Face" Byrd aka Bobby James Day (Bass; Baritone), David Ford (1st Tenor), Curlee Dinkins (Baritone), & Curtis E. Williams (Tenor; Baritone; Bass).
While this was the only release for Earl Nelson & the Pelicans, group members were veterans of many Los Angeles (CA) groups.
Earl Nelson: the Tangiers (Class); the Voices (Cash); Ravon Darnell & the Voices.
Curlee Dinkins (aka Curley Denkins): the Flames (Aladdin); the Four Flames; the Hollywood Flames; Sherman Williams & the Four Flames, the Hollywood Four Flames; Hollywood's Four Flames (Unique).
David Ford: the Hollywood Flames; the Tangiers (Class, Decca);
David Ford & Ebbtides; the Flames (Aladdin); Patty Anne & the Flames; the Four Flames; Sherman Williams & the Four Flames; the Jets (Aladdin); Bobby Day & the Satellites; the Sounds
(Modern); the Hollywood Four Flames; Hollywood's Four Flames (Unique).

Curtis Williams: the Hollywood Flames; the Penguins; the Cadillacs; the Tangiers (Class).
Bobby Byrd: the Hollywood Flames; Bobby Byrd & the Birds; the Crescendos (Atlantic); David Ford & the Ebbtides; the Flames (Aladdin); Patty Anne & the Flames; the Four Flames;
Sherman Williams & the Four Flames; the Jets (Aladdin); the Sounds (Modern); the Turks (Ball); the Hollywood Four Flames; Hollywood's Four Flames; the Voices (Cash); Ravon Darnell & the Voices.

Devilles (BMG): Down On The Farm - June 1961 Acclaim 100 ($25)
b/w "Give Your Love To Me." Group's only release.

Flamingos (BMG): That Love Is You - Recorded September 26, 1958; Released October 1958 End 1035 ($50) [Last played 4/25/13; at Request of Big Al]
b/w "Please Wait For Me." On the 2nd pressing ($8), the title of the flip side was changed to the better known "Lovers Never Say Goodbye."
Members of the Chicago (IL) group on this recording: Ezekiel "Zeke" Carey (2nd Tenor), Jacob "Jake" Carey (Bass), Charles Hunt aka Tommy Hunt (2nd Tenor), Isaiah "Buzzy" Johnson aka Terry Johnson (1st Tenor; Baritone), Nathaniel "Nate" Nelson (Lead Tenor; Baritone), & Paul David Wilson (Baritone).
The Flamingos had 21 singles released on the End label (1 in 1958, 7 in 1959, 6 in 1960, 3 in 1961, 2 in 1962, & 2 in 1963); this was their 1st on the label.
They also had 3 singles released on Parrot (2 in 1954 & 1 in 1955), 6 on Chance (4 in 1953 & 2 in 1954), 9 on Checker (2 in 1955, 4 in 1956, 1 in 1959, & 2 in 1964), 5 on Decca (2 in 1957, 1 in 1958, & 2 in 1959), and 1 on Vee-Jay (a 1961 reissue of "Golden Teardrops").

Classics (WMG): You’ll Never Know - June 1964 Stork 2 ($30)
b/w "Dancing With You." Members of the Brooklyn (NY) group: JOHNNY GAMBALE (2nd Tenor), EMIL STUCCHIO (Lead), JAMIE TROY (Bass), & TONY VICTOR (1st Tenor).
This was the group's only release on the Stork label. They also had 3 releases on Dart (2 in 1960 & 1 in 1961), 1 on Josie (1965), 1 on Mercury (1961), 3 on Musicnote (1963), 1 on Piccolo (1965), & 1 on Streamline (1961).

Fascinators (IMG): Chapel Bells - Recorded August 14, 1958; Released September 15, 1958 Capitol 4053 ($125) [Last played 9/5/19; at Request of Dave]
b/w "I Wonder Who." This was the 1st of 3 releases (all on the Capitol label) for the group from the East New York section of Brooklyn (NY).
Members: George Cernacek (Bass), Angelo La Grecca (Baritone), Anthony Passalacqua (Lead), Nick Trivatto (Tenor), & Ed Wheeler (Tenor).

Charmettes (BFG): School Letter - Recorded November 22, 1958; Released December 1958 Federal 12345 ($125) [Last played 4/9/15; at Request of Bruce]
b/w "Johnny, Johnny." This was the girls' only release.

Capris (BMG): Endless Love - January 1959 Tender 518 ($200) [Last played 7/19/18; at Request of Billy]
b/w Jessie Belvin & Capris: "Beware." Members of the Los Angeles (CA) Capris: Stan Beverly (Tenor), Maudice Giles (Bass; 2nd Tenor), Joe Lewis (Baritone), Charles Taggart (1st Tenor; Bass), & Nathaniel "Buster" Wilson (Bass). The lead was sung by Stan Beverly.
The group was aka the Hollywood Saxons and the Tuxedos.
The "Capris" backing Jessie Belvin on the flip side ("Beware") is a different group: Eugene Church, Alex Hodge, & Tommy "Buster" Williams. "Beware" was originally released on Cash (# 1056) with label credit only to Jessie Belvin.

Clovers (BMG): All Night Boogie - Recorded July 12, 1951; Unreleased
Members of the Washington (DC) group on this recording: John H. "Buddy" Bailey, Harold Lucas, Jr. (Baritone), Matthew McQuater (2nd Tenor), & Harold Winley (Bass). The lead was sung by John "Buddy" Bailey.
The Clovers 1st release was on the Rainbow label in 1950; They then moved to Atlantic where they had a total of 22 released singles: 2 in 1951, 3 in 1952, 3 in 1953, 4 in 1954, 2 in 1955, 4 in 1956, 3 in 1957, & 1 in 1958.

Clovers (BMG): All Righty Oh Sweetie - Recorded August 28, 1954; Released October 1954 Atlantic 1046 ($25) [Last played 2/13/14; at Request of Art S]
b/w "I Confess." The 1972 reissue of Atlantic # 1046 (yellow label, with "fan") had title slightly changed to "Alrighty Oh Sweetie."
Members of the Washington (DC) group on this recording: John H. "Buddy" Bailey, Harold Lucas, Jr. (Baritone), Matthew McQuater (2nd Tenor), William Joseph "Billy" Mitchell, Jr. (Tenor), & Harold Winley (Bass). The lead was sung by John "Buddy" Bailey.
The Clovers 1st release was on the Rainbow label in 1950; They then moved to Atlantic where they had a total of 22 released singles: 2 in 1951, 3 in 1952, 3 in 1953, 4 in 1954, 2 in 1955, 4 in 1956, 3 in 1957, & 1 in 1958. "All Righty Oh Sweetie" was their 11th on the label.

Lester Johnson & Hornets (BMG): Wedding Day - 1962 Way Out (No #) ($300)
b/w "Jamaica Farewell." The Hornets on this recording were Willie Brooks (1st Tenor; Baritone), Marvin Coleman (Utility Vocalist), Willie Hodges (Baritone), Ben Iverson (Baritone; 1st Tenor) & Vernon Paul (2nd Tenor).
The Hornets (Cleveland (OH)) also backed Ben Iverson on his 1962 release on Way Out: "Love Me." Iverson was originally a member of the Hornets on the States label.

Fabulous Gardenias (BMG): It's You, You, You - March 1962 Liz 1004 ($40) [Last played 5/15/14; at Request of Barb]
b/w "What's The Matter With Me." There was a 2nd pressing, in April 1962 on the Fairlane label (# 21019) as "Darling It's You You You," as by the Gardenias. They had no other releases.
Members: Calvin Arnold, John Marshall, "Little Joe," & Harold ?

Send Requests To:
Deckers (BMG): Darling I Love You - Circa 1960 Hi Lite (No #) ($75 est.)
b/w "Do You Understand." Group from Jamaica (West Indies).

Del-Vikings (IMG): You Are Invited - Recorded June 3, 1958; Released August 1975 Harlem Hitparade LP 5009 ("Cruisin' With The Cadillacs 'N Cats Like That") [Last played 10/12/17; at Request of Phil]
Recording was pirated and pressed on the BROADCAST label (# 1123) in the 1980s.

Kripp Johnson sang the lead on this recoding. It is a previously unreleased Mercury master. The Del Vikings on Mercury were Norman Anthony Wright Sr. (Lead Vocals), David Lerchey (Baritone), Donald Edgar "Gus" Backus (2nd Tenor), Clarence E. Quick (Bass), William Blakely (1st Tenor), Joe Lopes (Guitar; Baritone). (Backus was probably gone at the time of this recording.)
While Kripp Johnson had been a member of the competing Fee Bee/Dot group, he did sing with the group for their last couple of Mercury sessions. (However, he hadn't re-joined the group; his Fee Bee contract had expired in December 1957 and he'd soon join Mercury as a soloist.)

Sporttones (WMG): In My Dreams - 1959 Munich 101 ($1,500) [Last played 3/21/13; at Request of Denny T]
b/w "So Sincere." A one-record group. The label, a subsidiary of Old Town, is known for the Bonnevilles' release: "Zu-Zu" b/w "Lorraine."

Vocaltones (BMG): Darling (You Know I Love You) - Recorded December 22, 1955; Released April 1956 Apollo 492 ($200) [Last played 12/13/18; at Request of Lollipop]
b/w "Three Kinds Of People." This was the 2nd of the group's 3 releases on Apollo; all in 1956. They also had a release on Cindy in 1957.
Members on this recording: Tommy Grate (Bass), Roland Martinez (Tenor), Wyndham "Corky" Porter (Baritone), Eddie Quinones (Tenor; Guitar), & Bobby Robinson aka Bobby Johnson (Tenor). The lead was sung by Bobby Robinson.
The NYC group was closely related to the Dovers/Miriam Grate & Dovers; Miriam was Tommy Grate's sister

Dells (BMG): She's Just An Angel - Recorded September 15, 1955; Released 1979 Skylark 558 ($6) [Last played 12/4/14; at Request of Joe S]
b/w "I Can't Help Myself." This was a previously unissued Vee-Jay master. Members of the Harvey (IL) group: Verne Allison, (2nd Tenor) Charles Summer "Chuck" Barksdale (Bass), Johnny "Junior" Funches (Lead Tenor), Marvin Junior (1st Tenor, Baritone), & Michael Curtis "Mickey" McGill (Baritone).
The Skylark label was owned by collector/researcher Sal (James) Passantino. The label featured previously unreleased material by the Dells, the Moonglows, the Flamingos, the Spaniels, the Imperials, and Caesar & the Romans. (Sal was also an owner of the Firefly and Blue Sky labels.)

Nitecaps (BMG): In Each Corner Of My Heart - Recorded October 23, 1956. Released November 9, 1956 Groove 0176 ($150) [Last played 10/20/16; at Request of Jersey Girl Carolyn]
b/w "Let Me Know Tonight." The group had 4 great releases, all on the RCA Victor subsidiary. This was the last of them.
Members of the Detroit (MI) group: Al Hamilton aka Al Kent, Robert Hamilton aka Rob Reeco, Eugene Ronald Hamilton aka Ronnie Savoy, & Fred Price. The lead was sung by Ronnie Hamilton.

Sonny Spencer (BMG): Hold My Hand - 1962 Music Hall 24002 ($25) [Last played 11/22/18; at Request of Barb]
b/w Music Hall 24001: "Hey Miss Fine."
In the 1980s, this recording ("Hold My Hand") appeared on a bootleg LP pressed on a counterfeit Pilgrim label: # 801 ("The Rainbows - Mary Lee"). As a result of the bootleg Pilgrim LP, this recording appears on YouTube credited to the Rainbows and the Satisfiers, in addition to Sonny Spencer.
While it is not known with complete certainty whether the Music Hall 45 cited was really pressed in 1962 or whether it was pressed after release of the bootleg Pilgrim LP, the little evidence that exists seems to indicate that it was a 1962 pressing.
I have discussed this with Marv Goldberg who has written a very comprehensive article on the Rainbows (which includes some information on the Satisfiers and Sonny Spencer.) While Marv was not aware of the Music Hall 45 when he wrote his article, he now believes it was a 1962 release, but goes on to say, "I doubt there's anyone left to ask, so it'll probably remain another R&B mystery."
Having noted the above, here's what is known about the recording. The uncredited group is the Satisfiers; a group that was formed by Don Covay and which included John Berry (aka Sonny Spencer). Other members of the group may include other members of the Rainbows.

Heralds (BMG): Why Can't I Have You - Recorded January 13, 1955; Unreleased [Last played 4/7/16; at Request of Doctor C]
The Brooklyn (NY) group was aka the Billy Dawn Quartet and the Four Dukes. This recording was made for Herald and was leased or sold to Old Town. Old Town never released it, but it did appear on a 1999 CD ("Old Town Records Doo Wop - Exclusively From The Vault.")
"Why Can't I Have You" had been previously recorded (in July 1953) by the group for the Duke label (where they were the Four Dukes.) An oddity about this recording is that Duke files indicate that it was released on Duke # 104, with the group called the Mighty Dukes. While this may have been scheduled to happen, no such record exists.
Members of the Billy Dawn Quartet/Four Dukes/Heralds: Billy Dawn Smith (Lead Tenor), Edward "Sonny" Benton (Bass), Donald "Donnie" Sehested aka Donnie Myles (Tenor), & Tommy Smith (Baritone). According to Billy Dawn Smith, the 5th member of the group was Al Browne who was their piano player.
Leads were sung by Billy Dawn Smith, Donnie Myles, and Sonny Benton; Sonny Benton sang the lead on "Why Can't I Have You."

Falcons (BMGFL): It's You I Miss - Recorded August 20, 1951; Released April 1953 Savoy 893 (78 RPM) [Last played 8/10/17; at Request of Lollipop]
b/w “You're The Beating Of My Heart.” This group of Falcons had only 1 other release: November 1951 on the Regent label (# 1041): "How Blind Can You Be."
Members of the NYC (area) group: Earl Alsup, George Alsup, Goldie Alsup (aka Goldie Boots), & Vernon "Bert" Palmer (Baritone). Goldie "Boots" Alsup sang the lead. (Earl, George, & Goldie Alsup were siblings.)

Five Keys (BMG): Teardrops In Your Eyes - Recorded March 22, 1951; Released September 1953 Aladdin 3204 ($1,500) [Last played 5/30/19; at Request of Nan]
b/w "I'm So High." Members of the Newport News (VA) group on this recording: Ripley Ingram (Tenor), Maryland W. Pierce (2nd Tenor), Dickie Smith (2nd Tenor; Baritone), Bernard L. West (Bass), & Rudolph "Rudy" West (Tenor). The lead was sung by Dickie Smith.
This was the 12th of the Five Keys' 17 releases on the Aladdin label (not including later pressings of previously unreleased recordings): 3 in 1951, 5 in 1952 (+1 scheduled for release and given a record number, but not issued), 5 in 1953, 2 in 1954, 1 in 1955, & 1 in 1956.
An earlier version of this recording was recorded on February 22, 1951, but was never released by Aladdin. In recent years, it has turned up on at least 1 CD under the song's original title, "Your Teardrops."

20th Avenue Records, Brooklyn (NY):
Richard Huey & Sundown Singers (BMG): Hurry Sundown (See What Tomorrow Brings) - Recorded November 19, 1943; Released January 20, 1944 Decca 8656 (78 RPM)
b/w "Blues Boogie Woogie." This was the 1st of the group's 2 releases; both were on the Decca label.

Wrens (BMG): House Of Cards - Recorded May 1956; Released 1986 Murray Hill LP 000199 ("The Best Of The Wrens") [Last played 10/30/14; at Request of Eddie]
Group was not really the Wrens. The Lead Singer was the Wrens' Bobby Mansfield, but the rest of the group was actually the Supremes: William Baines (Bass), Waldo Rollin Champen aka Champ Rollow (Tenor; Bass), Larry "Lonnie" Gales (Tenor), & Edward Ray "Sonny" Jordan (Lead Tenor; 1st Tenor; 2nd Tenor; Baritone). They were from the Bronx (NY).
This recording was scheduled for release by the Rama label and, in fact, was assigned a catalog number, Gee # 1017. The reason that the 45 was not released is not known.

Wrens (BMG): Serenade Of The Bells - Recorded October 1955; Released November 1955 Rama 174 ($400) [Last played 2/22/18; at Request of Jeanie]
b/w "Hey Girl." The Wrens were from the Morrisania section of the Bronx (NY). On this recording, they were: Francis "Frenchie" Concepcion aka Frank Lopez (Tenor; Lead Tenor), George Magnezid (Tenor), Bobby Mansfield (Lead Tenor), & Joseph "Rocky" Washington (Bass).

The Wrens had 10 records on the Rama label including alternate pressings: 1 in 1954, 7 in 1955, 1 in 1956, & 1 assigned a catalogue number and scheduled for release in 1955, bur never issued. This was the 6th.

Persuasions (BMG): The Vow - 1979 Catamount LP 905 ("The Persuasions Sing Acappella Stardust") [Last played 5/31/18; at Request of Ruby]
Members of the Brooklyn (NY) group on this recording: Jimmy "Bro-Man" Hayes (Bass), Jay Otis Washington (1st Tenor; 2nd Tenor), Joseph "Jesse" Russell (2nd Tenor), Jerome "Jerry" Lawson (Lead Tenor), & Herbert "Tubo" Rhoad (Baritone).
The Catamount label (Jersey City, NJ) was founded in the early 1970s by Stan Krause. It specialized in a cappella group harmony recordings.

Precisions (BCG): Eight Reasons Why I Love - November 1962 Highland 300 ($200) [Last played 3/2/17; at Request of Joe S]
b/w "Mama Told Me." Members of the one-record Los Angeles (CA) group: Willie Jones, Finis Pettway, Herman Pettway, & Lenore ?
The 3 male members of the group, along with HUBERT WILLIAMS, became the "new" Upfronts on Lummtone. Their 1 release (Lummtone # 114: "Most Of The Pretty Young Girls" b/w "Do The Beetle") was released in March 1964.

Czars Of Rythm (BMG): You Show Me The Way - December 1964 De'Voice 782 ($300) [Last played 12/7/17; at Request of Joe S]
b/w "Please Don't Leave Me." Group's only release.

Deans (BMG): Oh Little Star - 1962 Star Maker 1928 ($300) [Last played 5/9/19; at Request of Rox]
b/w "You Got Me Baby." They had 1 other release (in 1963) on Star Maker (# 1931): "Chills, Chills, Chills."

Hank Ballard & Midnighters (BMG): Teardrops On Your Letter - Recorded November 11, 1958; Released December 1958 King 5171 ($30) [Last played 9/21/17; at Request of Art S]
b/w "The Twist." Reissued on King # 5171 in 1960. The group was from Detroit (MI). Hank Ballard's real name is John Hendricks.
The group began as the Royals with 10 releases on Federal. After changing their name to the Midnighters, they had 24 releases on Federal. Their subsequent (54) releases were on King as by Hank Ballard & Midnighters.

Spaniels (BMG): Let's Make Up - Recorded July 1954; Released September 1954 Vee-Jay 116 (Red Wax $750; Black Wax $125) [Last played 2/6/14; at Request of Retro Ray]
b/w "Play It Cool." Members on this recording: Opal Courtney (High Tenor; Baritone), Jr., Gerald "Bounce" Gregory (Bass), Thornton James "Pookie" Hudson (Lead Tenor), Willie C. Jackson (Baritone), & Ernest Douglas Warren (1st Tenor).
This was the 5th of the Gary (IN) group's 21 singles released on the Vee-Jay label: 4 in 1953, 1 in 1954, 2 in 1955, 4 in 1956,'3 in 1957, 3 in 1958, 3 in 1959, & 1 in 1960.

Jewels (BMG): Hearts Of Stone - September 1954 R And B 1301 ($50) [Last played 5/19/11; at Request of ?]
b/w "Runnin'." Members of the San Bernadino (CA) group: JAMES BROWN (Bass), DEE HAWKINS (Tenor), RUDY JACKSON (2nd Tenor), VERNON KNIGHT (Baritone), & JOHNNY TORRENCE (2nd Tenor; Lead). The lead was sung by Rudy Jackson.
"Hearts Of Stone" was written by Rudy Jackson. It was recorded by the Jewels at their 1st recording session as the Jewels. (They had previously had a release on the Lucky label ("Golden Girl") as the Marbles.
Unfortunately for the Jewels, the song was covered by Otis Williams & the Charms on De Luxe. Because of the superior promotion and distribution of the King-Federal-De Luxe complex, the Charms' version vastly outsold the Jewels' original on a National level, although the Jewels dominated the West Coast charts. The Charms took the song to # 1 on the R&B charts (where it stayed for 9 weeks), as well as # 15 on the Pop charts.

"Hearts Of Stone" was the 1st of the group's releases on the R And B label (all in 1954). After R And B, the group had 4 releases on Imperial (2 in 1955 & 2 in 1956).
After that, variations of the group had releases on RPM (2nd group; 1 in 1956), Knight (1 in 1959 as by Allen Roberts), Antler (3rd group;1 in 1959), Liberty (3rd group minus Johnny Torrence - 3 in 1961 as the Rollers) and Bel-Star (3rd group minus Johnny Torrence - 1 in 1962 as the Rollers).

Kenny Esquire & Starlites (BMG): Tears Are Just For Fools - Recorded September 17, 1956; Released August 1957 Ember 1021 ($40)
b/w "Boom Chica Boom." This was the 2nd of their 2 releases as Kenny Esquire & the Starlites; both were on the Ember label.
The exact same lineup was also the Dreams on the Savoy label, As the Dreams, they had 3 releases; 2 in 1954 & 1 in 1955.

Ambassadors (BMG): Darling I'm Sorry (I Made You Cry) - Recorded August 22, 1953; Released September 1953 Timely 1001 (78 RPM $800; 45 RPM Boot $15) [Last played 11/23/17; at Request of Jersey Girl Carolyn]
b/w "Willa-Bea." An all-time great. The only members of the group known at this time are Louis Vandyke & David Watson.
There were 2 versions of Timely # 1001; both were released in September 1953. One version was slightly longer (6 seconds) and had a slightly slower tempo.
The Newark (NJ) group had no other releases.

Byron 'Slick' Gipson & Sliders (BMG): The One I Love - Recorded December 7, 1955; Released December 1955 Specialty 566 ($50) [Last played 8/27/15; at Request of Jersey Girl Carolyn]
b/w “Honey-Dew.” Record release was also issued with the artist listed as "Byron Gipson" with no listing of any group.
Members of the Los Angeles (CA) group on this recording: Clarence Alexander (Bass), Judge Dennis, Byron "Slick" Gipson, Jr., & Alexander Lee. This was 1st of their 2; both were on Specialty.

Electras (BMG): Little Girl Of Mine - 1966 Ruby-Doo 2 ($25) [Last played 1/31/13; at Request of Billy]
b/w "Mary Mary." Members of the Los Angeles (CA) group: Chester Pipkin (1st Tenor; 2nd Tenor; Guitar) Warren Joyner (Lead Tenor), Billy Mann (2nd Tenor), & Gary Pipkin (2nd Tenor). Billy Mann sang the lead on "Little Girl Of Mine."
This was their only release on the Ruby-Doo label. They also had 1 release on Cee-Jam (1963), 1 on Challenge (1964), 2 on Infinity (1 in 196 & 1 in 1962), and 3 on Lola (2 in 1962 & 1 in 1964).
Related groups: the Freedoms, the Gents on Aladdin, the Happy Tones, the Ring A Dings, the Sabers on Cal-West, the Untouchables on Madison, the Valiants on Keen, Billy Storm & the Valiants on Ensign, Africa, the Alley Cats on Philles, the Chavelles, & the Del-Mars on Mercury.

Leroy & Enchantments (BCG): Lonely Heart - December 1962 Romac 1001 (Promo $75; Stock $50) [Last played 9/28/17; at Request of Barb]
b/w "Popeye (The Dance To Do)." Group's only release. Only known group members: Leroy Grammer, & Wayne Walker.

Mighty Echoes (WMG): Heaven Help Us All - 1992 Cassette Album ("The Mighty Echoes")
From Los Angeles (CA). Members on this recording: Harvey Shield (Baritone), John Hostetter (2nd Tenor), Jon Rubin (Tenor) & Charlie Davis (Bass).

Mighty Echoes (IMG): Lean On Me - 2006 Primarily A Cappella CD 8204 ("Mighty Echoes - A Cappella Cool")
From Los Angeles (CA). Members on this recording: Harvey Shield (Baritone), John Lathan (2nd Tenor), Jon Rubin (Tenor) & Charlie Davis (Bass). The lead was sung by John Lathan.

Boulevards (WMG): Where Or When - 2005 Clifton CD 3046 ("Down the Acappella Road")
The group's origins were in NYC; most of the members (if not all) were from the Bronx (NY). Only first names of 3 of the 5 members are known: Tony, Brian, & Gary.

Boulevards (WMG): Zu Zu - 2005 Clifton CD 3046 ("Down the Acappella Road")
The group's origins were in NYC; most of the members (if not all) were from the Bronx (NY). Only first names of 3 of the 5 members are known: Tony, Brian, & Gary.

Echos (BMG): Please Come Back - Recorded Circa 1953; Released Circa 1973 De Luxe 6001 ($8) [Last played 11/1/18; at Request of Angelo Pompeo]
b/w "All That Wine Is Gone." This is a previously unreleased recoding pressed on a counterfeit De Luxe label.
The group is the Echoes who had 1 release on the Rockin' label (# 523) in 1953: "Please Say You're Mine."0
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