Re: How to know which points form some bar code

Dmitriy Morozov

The functionality is there, but it's not exposed to Python. Can you file this as an issue on GitHub? It's been requested before, and I should really add it to the Python bindings.

On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 12:23 PM, <nchristianson@...> wrote:
Is there any way of determining whether two cycles belong to the same homology class? For example, suppose I have some sequence f_1 -> f_2 (where f1 is a subcomplex of f2) and I run zigzag persistence on the filtration f_1 -> f_2, as well as f_2 <- f_1 (by adjusting times accordingly). In some cases, when there is a persistent cycle, the representative cycle that is output is different, based on the ordering of the sequence. Is there some way to computationally check whether two cycles are in the same homology class, relative to a complex? (say, within f_2)

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