Re: The plot_bars function's question

Dmitriy Morozov

It's the same problem. You should get an extra bar of infinite length in the second example. You in fact have the point in the diagram, if you examine it by hand, but it's not plotted.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 7:16 PM "Jay <zhw96@...> wrote:
Hi Dimitriy,

Thanks for quick reply.

In addition to the above problems, I also found an unreasonable exception,the plot bar always missing some longer bars when our radius is not bigger enough.

For example, the above example,
when I set radius = 8
when I set radius = 4

In my opinion, when I set the radius to 4, we should get 3 bars of length 3 instead of 2 bars of length 3.

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