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Digital Hobbyist is a forum dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, and sharing examples of the work, of hobby machinists and toolmakers in the digital age.  Examples might include retrofitting mini-mills or mini-lathes with Computerised Numerical Control (CNC), the use of 3D printers in home shops, especially as relates to machining, and performance enhancements of all shop equipment.

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  • #MISC Posts related to miscellaneous subjects 46 topics
  • #RELS Posts related to RELS (Russian Electronic Lead Screws); i.e., ELS systems based on the Russian Engineer Oleg's design. 43 topics
  • #3D Posts related to 3D Printing 41 topics
  • #LATHES Posts related to lathes 28 topics
  • #CNC Posts related to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) 24 topics
  • #MODS Posts related to modifying our machine tools and accessories. 21 topics
  • #MILLS Posts related to milling machines 11 topics
  • #CSS Posts related to CSS (Constant Surface Speed) systems for lathes 9 topics
  • #GR Posts related to Gear Reduction in the mini-lathe 8 topics
  • #ESI Posts related to ESI (Electronic Step Indexer) 6 topics

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