Mary Tiffany and I have finished our sampling. #collecting

Rob Kimmich


Nice image you just posted of the live cell of Nitzschia sigmoidea!


Rob Kimmich

We will look forward to the articles!  ~Rob

Dave Richman

Mary and I sampled four sites on two months,  These were Goodhope Pond (freshwater), Edmonds Marsh (freshwater), Willow Creek (freshwater), and the Fishing Pier in Edmonds, Washington. We are now sorting through our photos, but we have a minimum of twenty genera of diatoms, plus a rotifer or two, at least 5 ciliates. a half-dozen dinoflagellates, several euglenoids, several desmids, several "crustaceans," a free-living flatworm, several species of Spirogyra, and several species of cyanobacteria. I have gotten pre-approval from Micscape and our local paper to publish on our work. I also should  report to the city.