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Congratulation Stefano,

A marvelous microscope. Buona fortuna! Looking forward to pics of the diatoms.


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Good morning to all. I am the lucky owner of a new Axio Imager 2, which is the best research microscope of the world according to Zeiss.

My model is for transmitted and reflected light and it mounts Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase contrast, Polarized light (even with Lambda plates), Dark field, Bright field and Fluorescence light.

Regarding individual observation and photomicrography, Axio Imager 2 has the internal APOCHROMATICALLY corrected IC2S beam path that illuminates the object field uniformly for all colors; moreover the core elements of nosepiece, focus mechanism and stage carrier have therefore been designed as a compact, stability-optimized unit. This STABLE CELL has been isolated from the rest of the stand and is thus particularly insensitive to outsidethermal influences and vibrations.

My Aplanatic+Achromatic condenser has 8 positions (!) and doesn't need an auxiliary lens for objectives ≤ 2,5x, than you can memorize illumination preferences for each objective in reflected and transmitted light by an electronic light manager, moreover the Axio Imager is very big with a weight of about 30 Kg and I have E-PL 10x/25 Bright Focus top of gamma oculars.

The innovative Zeiss M27 objectives have a bigger thread than the standard RMS objectives (27 mm versus 20.3 mm): in this way they capture much light, giving brighter and spectacular images.

There are a lot of innovations in this top of gamma microscope, but I should need an antire article to write them all.
I will make new pictures of diatoms in the future by this instrument as I am going to write some publications.

Best regards

Stefano Barone