Re: Steve Gill resources #glossary


Hi Leszek,

This is a great offer from Steve.
It's also timely as I was trying to contact him, via Savona Books email, to purchase some items from this side of the pond. Do you happen to know how best to contact him?

Also, I believe he was involved with the Amateur Diatomist publication - albeit quite a few years back. Is this no longer being published?


"leszekwolnik" wrote:

I got a note from Steve Gill via the Diatoms Ireland site and which I enclose below.

'I notice that Klaus has posted the details of the Diatom Resources DVDs in the file folder on the yahoo forum, and later added that the cost is £35.

Actually I created these at the behest of a 'new starter' and they are available on an exchange of cleaned material or slides basis (the recipient deciding what value they put on the resources), the only monetary cost being the postage. Hope you all find this acceptable.'

These seems to be an incredibly generous offer and all thanks to Steve for making it.

His glossary is an especially useful work and must have taken a good deal of energy to put together.


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