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Hi Klaus,
That is amazing the percission of alignment you get from just free handing it! That's why you are the Master of diatom mounting! For myself, I need help with alignment and will try your suggestion.

Thank you,
Charles P.

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Hello Charles P.
It is one of the most frequent question that I am asked, "What do I use to allign my arrangements". The answer is I do not use anything other than judgement, there are some occasions when this shows but I hope only very rarely. If it realy bothers you one trick is to cut a piece of thin plastic to the diameter of the light unit, the place where you would fit a filter, score a fine line on the plastic, place it on the subsubstage filter holder, rack the condenser up or down when at one point the scored line will show place a diatom at each end of the field of view and you now know exactly that providing you stay in line with each Diatom you have a straight mount. If arranging a star pattern or rosette just move the scored plastic round so that you have a cossed hair pattern. You can also make a circular pattern by scoring various size rings with your ringing table.
The second most asked question is "Do I work from a template or drawing, the answer is No, they just evolve depending on what strew I have available at the time.

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Good morning all,

Another newbee question. What do you use to align your diatoms on the slide/cover slip to make geometric designs? I was thinking a ocular reticle? One with a cross hair or grid? How about a micrometer under the slide/slip...would that work as well?

Thank you,
Charles P.

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