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The DGPS List is a group for people who mainly like to monitor and decode the DGPS Beacons on the LF Band, though we do also allow coverage of other less popular modes like Time Signal Stations, Weather FAX & LORAN as well. Members can share their loggings and experiences here, or discuss anything related to any of these modes. This group was created as an offshoot of the NDB List, and has several other 'sister' groups, which cover modes like NAVTEX and DSC DXing, details of where to find these can be found below.

Membership of the group is open to anyone with an interest in this mode, but because this is a 'restricted' group, all applications to join us must first be approved, and we would appreciate it if anyone wanting to join can tell us just a little bit about themselves so that we can be sure that they are real people and not spammers. We are not 'elitist' in any way, and we do welcome anyone with an interest in the modes that we cover, but we do take the security of our members very seriously, and we try to prevent any Spammers and Flamers from getting into the group. Do rest assured such people are not welcome here, and anyone who does any of these things will be removed from the list.

For those interested in NAVTEX or DSC DXing, the links below will take you to the home pages of the relevant groups:


DSC List:

NDB List:

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